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PacCana's high quality selection of zippers keeps us busy filling customer orders all across the USA and Canada as well as in our retail store in Calgary, AB.

Featured item of the Month: Zippers

Photo of zipper opening a blue garment.

Superior zippers make a superior garment or product..

Zippers are the most convenient way to close things up and keep them that way. Whether it be pants, a sweater, a backpack or luggage of any sort, it zips closed neatly and easily and zips open the same way. Zippers come in all sizes and colors. They can be invisible or appear to be chain links so you can be a glamorous doll or a punk rocker. Your luggage can be neat and clean or super heavy duty. Any way you want it PacCana has it.

Types of Zippers
Paccana is one of the major zipper suppliers. We have all types and kinds of zippers and you can buy them singly or in bulk. We have plastic, coil, invisible, brass, aluminum, and nickle. We supply zippers for garments, jeans, pants, sleeping bags, backpacks, and luggage. Our clients include manufacturers, tailors, and home sewers. If you need to zip, we have the zipper.

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