Buckles and Fasteners

PacCana is a major supplier of buckles and fasteners for Canada and the United States. We have metal and plastic buckles and all kinds of fasteners. The featured product for November is buckles.


Buckles and Fasteners are ready for you to order. Metal buckles provide extra flash for those special exciting garments and sturdy grip and support for rugged outdoor clothes so popular today. Plastic buckles are also strong and give you an infinite variety of colors and shapes desired for the many different styles of clothing and accessories you enjoy making or need for manufacturing.


Fasteners, the most efficient clothing product developed in the last century, are readily available in all shapes and sizes. Remember, many people can't stand the ripping noise made by cord locks when they are pulled apart. For those people, we provide a full range of magnetic fasteners giving them the same efficiency without the annoying sound. Everything is there ready for you to order in any quantity, so come or call and get whatever you want.

If you need buckles for your merchandise, manufacturing, sewing, or industrial needs, PacCana is a buckle supplier for the US and Canada.