Featured Products & Articles

  • Mask Making Materials

    PacCana's full offering of mask making materials.
  • Huge Selection of Sewing Supplies at PacCana

    A brief overview of some of the sewing supplies and notions PacCana offers including scissors, button hole cutters, awls, thimbles,sewing kits, and more. There are links to sewing products and to the home page to make it easy to find what you need.
  • How to Sew with PVC Fabric

    Sewing with PVC fabric can be challenging. Here are some tips.
  • Fastening Tape Suppliers

    Find out how fastening tape was invented – a brief but interesting look at fastening tape and how it was invented.
  • Fabric for Manufacturers

    A good list of fabrics that manufacturer's can use for awnings, luggage, safety garments, backpacks, camping equipment and more.
  • Fabrics

    Today there are so many different types of fabrics available to choose from. This article describes different fabrics available at PacCana and some uses for each fabric.
  • Sewing Supplies and Notions

    An article about some nifty must have sewing supplies and notions for your sewing kit.
  • Safety Supplies

    Check out what safety supplies we have for manufactures and home sewers alike. From Fire Retardant thread to reflective tape, PacCana has what you need to build safety into your products or garments.
  • Metal Grommets

    A quick look at the uses of metal grommets. Paccana offers bulk metal grommets for retail suppliers and home sewers.
  • Zippers

    We have zippers for all your products and projects and more.
  • Scissors

    We have the most gorgeous and easy to use scissors for tailors, sewers, quilters, clothiers, garment makers, and manufacturers.
  • Cordura Fabric

    Yes, we have Cordura fabric, in a wide variety of colours in denier 500 and 1000.
  • Dry Cleaning Supplies

    We supply poly bags, hangers, and garment bags.Poly Bags to keep your product clean and bright are available as are slick and handy garment bags. Hangers are available in all shapes and sizes and hangar accessories are ready to order.
  • Buckles and Fasteners

    We sell many types of buckles and fasteners. They are one of our most popular products.
  • Thread

    Paccana is a major supplier of Thread. See why our thread is in such demand. We have the quality and a variety of thread for manufacturing, sewing, tailoring and alterations.
  • Tailor and Alteration Supplies

    PacCana is a major supplier for Tailor and Alteration Supplies.
  • Metal Grommets

    Paccana is one of the major Metal Grommet Suppliers. Come check out what we offer!
  • PVC Fabric

    PVC Fabric is one of Paccana's top sellers. We are famous as a pvc fabric supplier.
  • Reflective Tape

    Reflective tape for manufacturers, industrial and home use: Paccana is a reflective tape supplier.
  • Workwear Fabric

    Workwear Fabric: Arriving this Fall, our new popular product line for use in workwear manufacturing.
  • Popular Fabrics for Backpacks

    With summer fast upon us this month we are featuring fabrics used in backpack manufacturing. Please click the following link to learn more about Popular Fabrics for Backpacks.
  • Webbing & Strapping

    This month we feature Webbing (Strapping) fabric used for a variety of purposes such as backpacks, sleeping bag straps, seat belts, animal strapping, truck strapping and more.
  • History of the Zipper

    Our featured product for Feb is the zipper. Paccana is the zipper supplier of quality zippers in the US and Canada. In honor of our featured product we bring you the following informational article: History of the Zipper.