Sewing Supplies and Sewing Notions

Did you know that a notion is a term used to describe small objects or accessories pertaining to sewing? Sewing notions (sewing supplies) can be items sewn or attached to a finished garment or article such as buttons, zippers, or snaps. They can also be small tools such as thimbles, scissors, seam rippers, or pins. Thread is considered to be a notion as well as bodkins and pressing hams. There are some really nifty sewing notions on the market that make sewing jobs easier and quicker, take the thumble for example.

thumble is a thimble used for the thumb and is very useful for quilters when hand stitching quilts. It is a rubber or metal sleeve that is placed over your thumb to protect it from the end of a sewing needle as it is pushed through heavy or thick layers of fabric.

bodkin is used to thread elastic, ribbons or cords through casing seams. They vary in design but a basic bodkin looks like a large sewing needle with a blunt end and a large eye. A must for any sewing kit.

Another useful tool for a seamstress or dressmaker is a pressing ham, it is used for pressing curved seams, shoulders, hips, or busts. A pressing ham looks like a stuffed fabric pillow in the shape of a ham. It is covered with two types of fabric, one side smooth and one side textured to prevent the fabric from slipping while being ironed. There are also pressing sleeves that are similar to pressing hams but are used for ironing sleeves.

Pinking shears are another nifty notion used to prevent lightweight fabric edges from fraying along a sewn seam. They are scissors with saw-like teeth. Besides preventing the fabric from fraying, pinking shears are also used on heavier fabrics like fleece to prevent the seams from looking bulky and it gives a nice finish edge to the seam. Another useful sewing notion is a seam ripper.

seam ripper is used for removing unwanted stitches in a sewn fabric. It is oddly shaped and has two points one sharp and one that has a protective ball on it. The sharp point is slipped under the stitch and then pushed upward through the thread. The protective ballpoint on the top is there to help protect the fabric from being accidentally penetrated and ripped. A sewer can quickly remove an unwanted stitch or stitches without damaging the fabric. A must in every sewing basket or kit.

Another odd-shaped sewing notion is the loop turner with a hook. It is used to turn a sewn fabric tube the right side out for creating fabric tubes into spaghetti straps, button loops, button knots, etc. It is a long thin rod with a loop on one end and a hook on the other. To use, insert through fabric tube; hook the end, close the latch, and pull the hook-end back through the tube. A very handy tool for sewers.

You might have seen your mother or grandmother use a tool that looks like a pizza cutter. It is called a rotary cutter. I have a round-cutting wheel attached to a handle. It is used for cutting fabric. The rotary wheel cutter is best used with a rotary cutting mat. It is a large plastic spongy mat with measuring guides on it. It protects surfaces from being cut by rotary wheel cutters.

There are literally hundreds of sewing notions from pincushions to sewing gauges to rotary cutting wheels to collar stays the list is endless. PacCana has a vast selection of sewing notions and accessories for the professional seamstress, hobbyist, or beginner sewer. Check out our selection and let our notions help you create your next sewing project.