Shipping Details

We do our best to get your orders out as fast as we can, as we realize you have deadlines for your customers/students. To avoid delays, please choose the exact product you require.

For most town and cities, we ship by UPS, so that you can receive your order sooner. Please be sure to include street address, if available. For rural area and box numbers, we use regular post (for example, Canada Post), as UPS cannot deliver to them.

For orders in bulk (quantities/price), the actual freight amount will be charged, as we cannot subsidize the extra cost of shipping. This applies to orders where 50% or more of the order is bulk.


We are now offering FREE shipping on all orders over $200 (before shipping and tax). This offer does not apply to bulk orders.

For orders less than $100 (before shipping and tax), $12.95 will be charged. For orders over $100, but less than $200, $6.95 will be charged.

Outside of Canada

All orders outside of Canada will be charged the actual shipping costs, no matter the order total.

Special Requests

We carry a large variety of items, some of which are not listed on our website. Please contact us if you are looking for something that you do not see on our website.

Order Mistakes or Problems

If you discover any problems when you receive your order, please call us within 7 days so we can correct it.

Return Policy

Authorization must be obtained in advance from PacCana Enterprises Ltd.. All returns must be accompanied by the invoice. There are no returns/exchanges after 30 days. Any return received without an Authorization Number is subject to approval and a 20% restocking fee. Please send returns prepaid and be sure to get a tracking number from the company you use to ship your package. (PacCana Enterpises Ltd. is not responsible for lost or misdirected returns.)

There are no returns on hand presses, dies, hand tools, lights, steams brushes, or EC Cutter after 7 days. As it may take 7 days or more for your order to arrive, please call us within 7 days of receipt, should you want to return one of these items.

There are no returns on special order items.

There are no returns or exchanges on scissors, sewing machine needles, or thread.

There are no returns or exchanges on cut items (for example: fabric, zippers by the yard).

6 month original warranty on EC Cutter and steam brush.

1 year original warranty on Daylights.

* Warranties do not include misuse, accidents, or abuse.

Sliders and Top Stops

All pictures are enlarged to show detail and are proportioned according to zipper weight.

All colours / sizes / styles of sliders and top stops are sold separately.

Fire Retardants and Products

All fire retardant zippers are made with Nomex Fire Retardant Tape.

The fire retardant fabric, reflective tape and hook & loop are not made from Nomex fibres. They are treated with a fire retardant coating. The coating may become less effective with repeated washings and/or use.

Thread Weight Guide & Suggested Uses

Light Weight Fabric

  • 60/2
  • 50/2

Medium Weight Fabric

  • 60/3
  • 50/3
  • 40/2
  • 40/3
  • 30/2

Heavy Weight Fabric

  • 30/3
  • 20/2
  • 20/3
  • 20/4

Suggested Uses

  • 60/2 - Shirts, Blouses, Lingerie, Sergering
  • 60/2 - Tailoring, Rainwear, Dresswear
  • 50/2 - Shirts, Blouses, Sportswear, Knitwear
  • 50/3 - Pants
  • 40/2 - Shirts, Pants
  • 40/3 - Tailoring, Rainwear, Jeans
  • 30/2 - Belts, Handbags
  • 30/3 - Belts, Jeans
  • 20/2 - Jeans, Luggage
  • 20/3 - Jeans
  • 20/4 - Jeans, Decorative, Stitching

These are suggestions only.

Thread type needed may vary for actual application.

The numbers represent the weight and ply. Example: 40/3 is 40 weight, 3 ply.

For polyester thread, the lower the number, the heavier the thread is. Weight only, not for ply count.

Cement Shipping

A dangerous goods surcharge may be applicable on orders with cement.