Dry Cleaning Supplies

PacCana is well-known and respected for the quality of its dry cleaning supplies and how easy we make it for you to keep in stock.

Poly Bags to keep your product clean and bright are available as are slick and handy garment bags. Hangars are available in all shapes and sizes and hangar accessories are ready to order.

Dry Cleaning Bags and SuppliesGarment Bags

PacCana has a diversity of quality garment bags including regular garment bags, reversible laundry/garment bags, and bridal garment bags for bridal and wedding party dresses.

Hangers and Hanger Accessories

Dry cleaners hangers are our specialty We have every type including suit, shirt, strut, sweater and knit, and caped hangers. For dry cleaning hanger accessories, we have drapery tubes, pant guards, and hanger covers.

Poly Bags

Need Poly Bags? No problem as we have your dry cleaning garments covered. We have regular, degradable, poly shirt, and comforter bags.

If you need dry cleaning supplies for your business, look no further, as PacCana is a dry cleaning supplies distributor for the US and Canada. See here for a list.

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