Fabric for Manufacturers

At PacCana, we carry a wide variety of different fabrics for manufacturers. Everything from fire retardant nylon with PVC backing to Cordura, we’ve got you covered for all your fabric needs.

In this posting, we’ll discuss some of the more popular fabrics that we sell to manufacturers. If there’s a fabric that your manufacturing operation needs but you can’t find on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us-we'll–we’ll do all we can to help!

Here are some of our most popular fabrics for manufacturers:

A number of the manufacturer fabrics we offer have PVC or PU backings.

PU stands for polyurethane, a coating that is applied to a synthetic woven base fabric (normally polyester or nylon) that serves to make that fabric waterproof. It is applied to only one side of the fabric, allowing the fabric to stay flexible and lightweight.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and, like polyurethane, is applied to a base fabric (most often polyester). PVC fabric can come in different grades, such as general-purpose and fire retardant. PVC is a very versatile fabric.

Nylon with PVC Backing: Lightweight and Medium Weight
Very tough & durable, this fabric is virtually waterproof, most commonly used for manufacturing items such as backpacks and purses, cases & coverings.

Polyester with PVC Backing
Also highly water-resistant, this material is perfect for making covers for BBQs, outdoor furniture covers, luggage, custom cases, etc.

Nylon with PU Coating
PU (polyurethane) coated nylon is a popular fabric choice due to its water-resistant, lightweight and flexible nature. Some of the most common applications include camping tents, clothing (such as raincoats and parkas), and certain types of bags. 

A good alternative to nylon with a PU coating, PU-coated polyester is also water-resistant, light-weight, and flexible. Polyester with PU coating is also breathable, making it an excellent choice for outdoor clothing, groundsheets, and short-term outdoor shelters.

We also carry many other fabrics and sewing products for manufacturers, including:

Embroidery Backing
We carry a variety of embroidery backings for your embroidery needs. Some of the most popular backings are tear-away stabilizers and cut-away stabilizers. Both types have their merits, depending on what sort of fabric is to be embroidered.

Tear-away Stabilizers are good embroidery backings for most types of embroidering projects, especially if you are working on a more expensive garment/fabric. The quality of the tear-away stabilizer is very important though, as some may only tear in one direction or leave threads behind, making the end result look messy and unprofessional.

Cut-away Stabilizers are the logical embroidery backings for when you need a truly stable base for delicate and stretchy fabrics. For these fabrics, cut-away stabilizers help maintain the crispness and integrity of a design’s details during embroidery while also keeping the shape of the design after being washed many times.

Cordura is the brand name used for fabrics that are commonly known for their endurance and resilience to damage. Typically made of nylon, Cordura fabrics can also come in blended combinations with natural fibers such as cotton. Most mid-and high-end fabric motorcycle apparel is made of Cordura fabrics. There are also many applications for Cordura in both the military and from more ardent outdoor enthusiasts.

PacTec Polar Fleece
Polar fleece is a soft, napped polyester fabric with exceptional heat-trapping qualities that make it an ideal fabric for jackets, hats, sweatpants, blankets, sweaters, and/or as a vegan alternative to wool. Polar fleece melts when exposed to flame or intense heat and is thus not naturally fire-retardant, but can be treated with fire-retardant chemicals to make it more fire-resistant.

PacTec Micro Fleece
Microfleece is the thinnest type of polar fleece available and is both hydrophobic and breathable. A popular choice for activewear, microfleece is a popular fabric choice for the clothing worn for mountain climbing and other outdoor sporting activities.

Cotton Canvas
Canvas is an incredibly durable and versatile fabric, used for everything from sails for sailboats to marquee banners to shoes and backpacks. Comparatively coarse to the touch, cotton canvas is a great choice for clients who wish to avoid synthetic fabrics but still desire the strength, durability, and rugged performance such fabrics offer.

Tarpaulin is a wonderfully durable material that has been used for hundreds of years to protect both people and things from the elements. Nowadays it is most common for a tarpaulin to be made of synthetic materials such as plastic since plastic is both cheap to produce yet durable and waterproof.

At PacCana we stock enough sewing supplies and fabric for manufacturing that we feel confident we can help you with your specific project, regardless of how specialized it might be.

Contact us with any questions you may have, or visit our storefront in Calgary, AB and meet with us in person to discuss what specific materials you require for your individual manufacturing needs. We specialize in fabrics for manufacturers.