PVC Fabric

PacCana is a PVC fabric supplier for Canada and the United States. So we're proud to announce that our featured product for July is PVC fabric!

PVC fabricPVC Fabric

PVC backed fabric is used in clothing, sporting goods, furniture, backpacks, bags, and in fabrics produced to be used outdoors such as tents and awnings. In clothing and furniture, it creates a leather-like fabric or is used at times simply for the shiny and stretch effect of the PVC. PVC fabric is loved by the punk and goth community for just the right look. For manufacturers, PVC is cheaper than rubber, leather, and latex fabric so is often used as a substitute.

It's also waterproof so it's great for rain gear and work safety gear.

If you're looking PVC fabric for your merchandise, manufacturing, or industrial needs, PacCana is the right place to be! We're a PVC fabric supplier for the US and Canada, check out what we offer!