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Quality scissor are essential for sewersFeatured item of the Month: Scissors

Quality scissors are essential for sewers.

Scissors are the sewer's most important tool. Whether sewing for industry or pleasure sharp reliable, scissors of the correct size for the job are vital to proper production and enjoyment. It is good to remember this when deciding whether an expensive pair of scissors is worth the extra money. To be sure, scissors produced by Germany’s Zwilling JA Henckels cost quite a bit more than your average “good” pair of shears. However, they are made from the highest quality German stainless steel, ground to virtual perfection, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Remember, stainless steel cannot be sharpened, so unless you buy the absolute best you will probably be replacing them sooner than you want to. Also remember, Henckels makes more than one kind of scissors. If you want their best be sure yours are made in Germany with German-produced materials. We have a wide variety of models and sizes of Henckel scissors.

Other Types of Scissors and Shears
PacCana also has Gingher scissors, E.C. Cutter Kits, replacement blades, a scissor set that includes both a 4.5" embroidery shears and an 8.5" dressmaker shears, and many other types of shears, scissors, and snips.

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