Safety Supplies

PacCana’s variety of safety supplies mean manufacturers can customize work wear to be more job-specific. For example, we have pre-made safety vests with reflective tape lining the front, but if your client desires more reflectivity on a vest or a different style of garment, manufacturers have that option. We sell individual rolls of safety reflective tape and fluorescent fabric, so adding more reflectivity and designing a different style of garment is doable. If your client’s work environment has the risk of flames or combustible material that may catch fabric on fire, we also supply fire retardant zippers, threads, and fabrics. Each type of product comes with variety in and of itself. Our fire retardant zippers for example, come in heavy duty, for coverall, for jeans, or for jackets. Another important safety aspect of work wear is fire retardant hook and loops, which is a fastener that replaces buttons and buckles that may become extremely hot in certain work environments.

For Home Use

Even home sewers and tailors should have a supply of safety materials because DIY projects are popular, so we want the supplies to become easily accessible. If you, a friend, or a customer requires safety additions to work out clothing or pre-existing work wear, we offer customizable quantity options so you can have a smaller supply of reflective tape or fluorescent fabric than a manufacturer would need.

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