Fastening Tape Suppliers

Bulk Sew on Hook and Loop 5mFastening tape is a beautifully simple solution to what was once a surprisingly difficult problem: how to create a dependably strong and reversible adhesive. Like many of humanity's great ideas, this one was actually stolen from Mother Nature.

In 1941, Swiss engineer George de Mestral returned from a hunting trip in the Alps, his clothes covered in tiny burrs. He became curious how so many of these seeds could attach themselves so effortlessly and resiliently to just about anything that brushed past them. He put them under the microscope and discovered they were composed of thousands of microscopic hooks, perfectly adapted to cling to the fur of animals or the fabric of clothing. Immediately, de Mestral conceived of a synthetic material that could copy this natural adaptation; the idea of the modern hook and loop fastener was born.

Today, this ingenious invention is a staple of our modern lives, used by everyone from astronauts in the International Space Station to children still learning to tie their shoes. Whatever your fastening tape needs, PacCana offers a range of high-quality, effective fastening tape products that you can depend on.

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