Metal Jean Buttons

Metal Jean Buttons with Nails.
Hammer nails into the back of the buttons to attach.
1 set is Metal Jean Button + Nail.

***25 sets per package*** Please order 25 set, 50set or 75 sets only.
Quantity will be increased to the full of 25 sets per package.

BULK PRICE is available!
***Bulk Price only sell in 100 sets per package.***
***To order in bulk, order quantity of 100 sets (or multiples of 100). Please note that only FULL packages of 100 pcs. qualify for discounted bulk price. Quantity will be increased to nearest 100 on bulk orders that are not in 100 set multiples.***
Part Number: I1-606
Sold per: set
Bulk pricing for this item starts at: 100
Minimum Order Quantity: 25
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